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May 1987 | Illustration: Pierre Durand


At the risk of making enemies of Tintin fans, I believe I was the one who came up with the idea of having Tintin and Captain Haddock necking on the cover of our Gay Issue. Another idea that would now be impossible to use, unless you wouldn’t mind getting sued.

While I was gathering the images for this portfolio, I discovered these three sketches that where submitted to me by the very talented illustrator Pierre Durand.

When the November 1989 issue of L’actualité magazine hit the newsstands, we at Croc thought that its cover bore a striking resemblance to our own Montrealers Issue, illustrated by Jules Prud’homme and published a few months earlier in May 1989. That was enough to prompt us to publish the above ad in Info Presse magazine.


Was it fate, luck, or the result of some machination? It so happened that our ad appeared on the inside front cover of the magazine featuring L’actualité’s editor-in-chief, my old boss, Jean Paré.

May 1988 | The IKLEA catalogue

Croc Page
Croc extras – Page 1
Croc extras – Page 2



You’re in a production meeting and someone suggests that we reproduce the real IKEA catalogue cover page (left), except that in our version, all the furniture would be crooked and poorly assembled. A good idea for sure, but much easier said than done.

Fortunately, we could rely on the resourcefulness of our photographer, François Desaulniers, and that of our amazing production director, François Hurtubise.